A cake baking Campaign raising money for Syrian refugees by auctioning off fresh homemade cakes!  We auction cakes off (God willing) and help raise big money for Syria.  100% of donations go to OneUmmah charity.

What we do…

100% donation policy

100% of all proceeds from the money raised from the cakes go to charity. 


Think you can bake? Know someone who can? Yes? Put your skills to the test! And if the answer’s no… Remember God loves a trier. Why not stack your deeds by taking part in the exciting upcoming events #Bake4Syria.


Enjoy the finest delectable cakes whilst you are supporting the poor.  What can be better than this 🙂



Support the people of syria today.  We have active people on the ground delivering aid around the clock to the syrian people.  Do your part by supporting the Bake 4 Syria cause.


Bake 4 Syria auctions a wide range of different delicous cakes for charity.  From chocolate cakes to lemon iced cakes and list goes on. 


Join the community on our facebook page and follow us on social media to participate in bidding on your favourite cakes.

Bid for a cake FB!..

Haroon Mehdi Middlesbrough

Best cake I have ever had!  May Allah reward the brothers at Bake 4 Syria.

Sabahat Hussain Middlesbrough

Love my cake.  Whole family devoured the cake before I went for seconds lol.

Sana Hussain Birmingham

Gorgeous cake.  It was next level.  Jazzakallakhair.

Rizwan Ahmed Newcastle

Great cake.  Thanks.

Bake 4 Syria Shop – Coming soon…


Coming soon

  • – Chocolate Splash
  • – Free Delivery

Coming soon

  • – Orange Delight
  • – Free Delivery

Coming soon

  • – Strawberry Choc Roche
  • – Free Deliveries

Coming soon

  • – Belgian swiss
  • – Free Delivery


Please click below to view our cake gallery. We have produced hundreds of delicous cakes for charity.           

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